Ideal Choice

Honka wood homes are the ideal choice for your home because it’s the healthier, greener and most innovative choice for you and your family. Keeping your family safe is easier in a Honka home because of their natural durability against fires, snow and wind load, earthquakes, and other natural phenomenon. Improved air quality and humidity regulation means your family’s quality of life will improve, which is something you can feel good about.

Easier To Build

Thanks to our precision cut building system, your Honka home will be easier to build and your project will be completed on time and on budget. They are eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable which is something you can feel good about, not to mention durable and designed to last for centuries.

Honka’s unique approach to building means that we are your answer to energy efficient, healthy, and quality built home with a design philosophy that you can be proud of.

Ready For You

Along with all the practical features that come with your Honka home you also get the design innovation and experience that comes with the team at Honka. We have architects and designers ready to design the home of your dreams using Honka massive laminated timber.