A massive wood home provides a safe and healthy environment, proven in research.

Breathability, No Moisture Traps. Honka buildings are naturally health promoting thanks to their superior air quality, moisture control and breathability. In contrast to other building materials wood actually ”breathes”, meaning it is open to air passing through in both directions. This enables a natural air exchange without a draft coming through your home. Having this breathability and letting the wood naturally release and absorb moisture as needed balances the humidity levels in your home and eliminates moisture traps so that mold cannot grow.

Reduce Allergens. Another feature of wood is that it’s not charged with electricity, which means dust will not raise, reducing allergens and increasing the quality of life for those suffering with respiratory problems.

Air Quality Moisture Control Allergies - Healthy Living Air Quality Moisture Control Allergies - Healthy Living (135 KB)


A classroom study conducted in Austria showed that a solid wood classroom can positively affect the mental and physical health of children. In this study, students in the solid wood classroom were proven to be more relaxed, had lower stress levels, and showed better mental regeneration overnight. Mental regeneration relates to alertness and levels of energy.

This is not a new subject: health and wellness of inhabitants of solid wood homes has been debated since the turn of the century.

Student Health in Solid Wood Classes Student Health in Solid Wood Classes (597 KB)