Honka Homes supplies a WALL System that is the key structural component to any home or commercial building. The WALL System is placed on a well built foundation and floor by the builder. Honka WALLS are quick to install, high quality, and cost effective.

Once walls are completed in a few days, the roof, doors and windows can be installed to make the home secure. Next you can start the interior finishes and then your house will be complete.

The Honka WALL System is quick and easy to install, saving the builders and developers time and money. On average our system can save up to 3 months on a home build.


  • Flexibility with style and design approach
  • Specialty features exclusive to Honka homes


  • Meet fire safety classification and Canadian building codes
  • 3D designs to help with planning
  • All planning and designs done under one roof


  • Get to lock up in a shorter period of time
  • Easy to build
  • Predictable costs and timing