Honka uses the latest manufacturing technology, which it has developed continuously. The quality assurance of the production of a Honka building starts in design. From there, all local building regulations are taken into consideration, along with other factors such as: the durability of massive laminated timber buildings, weather protection, energy efficiency and fire safety.


Honka prides itself in providing a better way to build with systems that are easy to construct. We use a precision cut building system that machine grooves each piece for a perfect fit every time. Each engineered multi-laminated timber is clearly labeled for easy staging and picking to ensure easy assembly.


With solid wood walls, your construction will be more efficient and predictable. Building with Honka massive laminated timbers, you gain efficiencies in the building process as well as the finishing process. The overall time savings achieved when you build with Honka will also provide tight control over costs, meaning you can stay on time and on budget.